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One of the most important archaeological sites near Tulum is Cobá, but you’ve probably haven’t heard that much about this place in comparison to other popular sites like Chichen Itza, though Coba is genuinely a beautiful vestige that you can’t miss when visiting Tulum.

Coba was a significant city for the Maya civilization with an estimated population of more than 50,000 inhabitants at its peak, back in the days. Many tall monuments and buildings can be found through its streets and roads (called sacbes), and since it remains a bit unaltered by the hand of modernity, a visit to this site gives the sensation of truly exploring an undiscovered place. 

It is believed that Coba was once the most powerful city in the region, controlling farmland, commercial routes, and critical water sources. However, due to its location in the middle of the jungle, the site is not as popular with tourists as other sites in Mexico, like Chichen Itza or the Tulum Ruins.  This represents an advantage as the place is never really crowded, so you can enjoy plenty of time admiring the carved stone, the impressive buildings and of course, the view at the top of the highlight of the vestige: the big Temple of Nohoc Mul, an impressive pyramid 138 feet height with 120 stone steps that you can actually climb. It may not be easy, but once you get to the top, you’ll understand that it was totally worth the climb. The lush jungle landscape that extends in all directions is a mesmerizing spectacle that you definitely need to contemplate.

Coba is also a fun tour to enjoy with family and friends for its versatility. You can explore it hiking through the jungle paths, but you can also rent a bike at the entrance for a completely different experience. People with difficulty to walk or that just don’t want to, can rent a “bicitaxi” that takes you all the way into the jungle to each of the site’s highlights.  You can also hire a professional guide to make the most out of your visit and learn all about the place, but it’s not necessary. 

For the best Coba experience, remember to bring comfortable clothes, appropriate walking shoes or snickers (no flip flops, here, you’ll regret bringing them), biodegradable sunscreen and bug repellent, hat or cap and cash for souvenirs.

A visit to Coba is not complete without taking a dip in the refreshing crystal waters of a cenote. There are many of these spectacular natural pools in the surrounding open for visitors, so bring your swimwear and snorkeling gear. 

So now you know! visit Coba from Tulum and make your vacations unforgettable!