Terms & Conditions

Tulum Road – Boca Paila km 8.47 Tulum, Q. Roo, Mexico, Zip code 77780

“Almatulum” and “Alma de Flores” are the name of the hotel businesses owned by the company “Ecoresorts sa de cv”, which will hereinafter be referred to as the “Company”.

  1. The Company is solely responsible for services that depend on its business and not on the fact of third parties, public or private, such as, by way of example, energy providers, web networks, transport, urban cleaning, maintenance of the road network, public safety, health and other subjects with which the customer may come into contact during the stay.
  2. The Company undertakes to respect the principle of good faith with its Client, offering all the services that are described on its websites, in circumstances that can be defined as “ordinary”; while it will not be responsible for the shortcomings of the services offered in the presence of “extraordinary” situations; by way of example, in the event of tropical storms, hurricanes, heavy rains, massive seaweed landing, popular demonstrations, riots, wars, assaults, crimes against the person in general.
  3. The Company recognizes the Customer the right to reimbursement in the event of bookings not followed by the stay, or in the event of a stay interrupted early, only in the event that it is not able to offer the services, as offered on the websites and within the limits indicated. It does not recognize any right of reimbursement when the failure to provide the service does not depend on the Company’s own fact, i.e., by way of example only, in the event of cancellation of flights, non-delivery of rental vehicles, closure of borders of third countries for any reason, states of emergency or necessity declared by any third party, public or private, including any declaration by any tourist agency (“OTA”) through which the Customer has made the reservation.
  4. The services proposed and described on the Company’s websites must be considered by way of example and description; consequently the imperfect correspondence between the displayed images and the actual situation cannot be grounds for dispute by the Customer.
  5. The company is not responsible for any injury or illness that the customer may incur during their stay.
  6. The company is not responsible for any theft, damage or destruction of the Customer’s assets, which are left unattended in any place within its structure, even inside the rooms. With the delivery of the key to the safe – box located in the room, the Customer assumes the custody of their assets by acquiring full responsibility for what is stored inside. The Company may, at its own discretion, keep, upon specific request, the Client’s assets, after signing the delivery report to the facility’s staff.
  7. The customer is obliged to respect the law and the customs of civil coexistence, with particular reference to the prohibition of excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, the prohibition of possession or use of explosive or dangerous substances and weapons. The Customer will not be able to receive guests in their room unless they declare their presence to the Company’s reception or security service. It is not allowed to organize events and noisy activities of any kind, in order not to disturb the stay of other customers.
  8. The customer over three years of age is subject to payment of the full amount of the stay. In the event that the customer turns three years of age during the stay, he will not be required to pay any payment.
  9. Any dispute will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Solidaridad.
  10. The above general conditions are considered accepted with the reservation.